Demo Data for Business Central (Docker Image)

I have installed the latest version (12.3.23139.0) of the Business Central W1 Docker image and found that it has no data. It has only one company called “My Company” without any data.

I searched the GitHub and found that we need to import the data from Rapid Start Package.

After a little research I succeeded to import the demo data. Here is the way I did it.

Solution 1: In the Business Central Web Client Search for Configuration Package and then select the link to open the page. In the Configuration Package Page click on the action “Import Predefined Package” and select any one of the below package to import it.

After the Package has been imported, click “Apply Package” to insert/update the records to the table.

Solution 2: Demo data is available in the configuration file and it is loaded to image.
Filter the following folder “C:\ProgramData\Docker\windowsfilter” with *.rapidStart and you will see that there are 3 files in the folder “\Files\ConfigurationPackages”
1. NAV12.3.W1.ENU.EVALUATION.rapidstart
2. NAV12.3.W1.ENU.EXTENDED.rapidstart
3. NAV12.3.W1.ENU.STANDARD.rapidstart

You can import any of these files as per your need via Rapid Start or from Power Shell with Import-NAVConfigurationPackageFile command.

Hope this post is useful. Thanks

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