Web Page Viewer Control Add–in – Part 01 – Report Viewer

Web Page Viewer control add-in was introduced in NAV 2017.


Below are the lists of page objects where the Web Page Viewer control add-in is used.


In this post, we will first see how this add-in works in the Page 2115 Report Viewer.

We need to set the user personalization to use the O365 SALES profile, as the below listed page objects are using the report viewer.


Highlighted are the new Role Centers that is available in NAV 2017.


Set the O365 SALES profile id for your user id and reopen the client.


Windows Client:

Login in to NAV.5

Select and open one of the Posted Sales Invoices from the Invoices part.


Click on the View Invoice and the Invoice will be displayed in the Report Viewer.



So from where these details are displayed?

These details are displayed from the Report 1306 – Standard Sales – Invoice, based on the setup in the Report Selection Sales. The report is first saved to a HTML file and then the HTML file content is displayed in the Report Viewer through Web Page Viewer control add-in.

The same works on the Web Client.






Below is the code snippet, you can check more details from the development environment.

Page – 2113 – O365 Posted Sales Invoice, View Invoice (ViewPdf) action:14

Page -2115 – Report Viewer – Function15

We will see other pages that are using the Web Page Viewer Control Add-in in the next post.

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